Larsen Rosin For Cello

    Larsen Rosin For Cello


    Larsen Strings Rosin is made in-house and formulated with carefully selected raw materials to meet the unique needs of each instrument. This produces exceptional adhesion and minimal noise, allowing for a smooth and harmonious connection between the bow and strings.

    • Made from premium materials

    • Ensure maximum adhesion

    • Minimal unwanted noise

    • Create a delicate and refined friction

    • Creates a smooth and seamless connection between the strings and bows

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    Larsen Rosin For Cello

    Larsen Strings has developed a unique line of rosins specifically designed to enhance the sound quality of their strings. These rosins are carefully crafted to create a delicate and refined friction that perfectly complements the full range of Larsen Strings.

    Larsen Strings Rosin is a high-quality product designed explicitly for Violin, Viola, and Cello players. It is made from premium materials and carefully crafted to ensure maximum adhesion and minimal unwanted noise. This creates a smooth and seamless connection between the strings and bows, ideally suited to each instrument's unique specifications.

    Larsen Strings offers two recipe variants of rosin for violin, viola, and cello - Rich Amber Original and Larsen Red. We advise against using this rosin in combination with other brands.

    Please Note: Rosin is a naturally occurring material. However, like most non-synthetic rosins used for bowed instruments, Larsen's rosins may cause allergic reactions in some players.

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    Millant Deroux Rosin

    Millant Deroux rosin is sometimes called the "Cat Brand" and is still manufactured to the same exacting standards established over 100 years ago.

    • Quality ingredients

    • Exacting formulation

    • Over 100 years of tradition, earning worldwide popularity. 

    • The Original "Cat Brand" formula is preferred for its Clean, subtle sound. 

    • Dark rosin mounted to a cloth 

    • Packaged in a plastic container. 

    • For violin, viola and cello.

    • Made in France

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    Hidersine Deluxe Cello Rosin

    The Hidersine Rosin is crafted in England using traditional artisanal methods of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.

    • It has a dark and soft tone, 

    • Suitable for advanced players in Grade 6 or higher. 

    • Its sound is warm and articulate, 

    • GPR rating of 6 for the grip profile

    • Best suited for temperate to colder climates 

    • Made primarily of colophony and natural waxes. 

    • Large-size cake

    • Weighing approximately 30g

    • Manufactured in England, United Kingdom 

    • Using a historical and artisanal process that involves hand-mixing and hand-pouring. Each master box contains ten pieces.

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    Eco Rosin for Cello by Leatherwood

    With EcoRosin, you can enjoy the best rosin while being kind to the planet.

    • Biodegradable

    • Innovated, designed, and created in Australia

    • Premium rosin recipes for colourful music-making

    • Uses natural, plant-based ingredients and resins and is 100% Vegan

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    D'Addario Natural Light/Dark Rosin

    D'Addario Natural Rosin offers premium performance at great value.

    • Available in two formulas: light (for less grip) and dark (for more grip)

    • Student Rosin

    • All-natural ingredients

    • Easy-grip plastic tray for easy application

    • Less Dust, keeping the instrument cleaner

    • Suitable for horsehair or synthetic hair bows

    • For Violin, Viola, and Cello 

    • Designed and manufactured in our New York facility

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    Cello Rosin- Paganini: Made In Germany

    This Cello Rosin is crafted in Germany to meet the highest standards of professional musicians.

    • The box is sturdy, easy to use, and keeps things safe.

    • This product is compatible with cellos, violins, and violas.

    • This cloth-wrapped cake is perfect for everyday use as it helps keep it clean.

    • Case: 6cm wide, 4cm deep, 2cm high, 42.5 grams, 2.375" X 1.65" X 1" 1.2 Oz.

    $9.05 Price

    Pirastro Goldflex Rosin

    Pirastro offers rosins with different qualities that impact an instrument's bowing technique and sound colour immensely.

    • Gold colour 

    • A slightly harder rosin mixed with gold dust

    • For general use

    • Extracted from pine trees

    • High-quality rosin for perfect bowing 

    • No scratchy sounds

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    Larica Rosin For Cello - Liebenzeller Formula Gold

    Larica Rosin for Cello. Recommended softness: 3 or 4. 4 is softer than 3.

    • The GOLD rosin is incredibly balanced; the sound becomes round, full and warm, simultaneously, brightly light, slim and clear in higher ranges.

    • For cello, GOLD III is the harder version, and GOLD IV is the slightly softer one.

    • GOLD IV SOFT Offers A Rosin Made With Gold To Give your Bowing A Richer, Deeper & More Balanced Tone. The Larica IV Is Best Paired With A Cello. The Softness Of The Gold IV Also Adds In Tonal Depth & Gives Your Bow More Grip.

    • The Ingredient Gold Gives The Larica Metal Rosin An Especially Balanced Characteristic. The Tone Is Full, Harmonious, Round, Warm, Voluminous, And At the Same Time, Radiant and Clear. It Is Most Suited To Give The Instrument A Variety Of Colorful Tones.

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    Pirastro Oliv/Evah Rosin

    Pirastro offers rosins with different qualities that impact an instrument's bowing technique and sound colour immensely.

    • Dark olive colour 

    • Relatively soft 

    • Low dust forming

    • Big sound

    • Good grip

    • Low noise

    • Suited for gut strings and Evah Pirazzi strings.

    • Extracted from pine trees

    • High-quality rosin for perfect bowing 

    • No scratchy sounds

    $22.73 Price

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