Amadeus Book Of The Violin By Walter Kolneder

    Amadeus Book Of The Violin By Walter Kolneder


    All aspects of the violin are covered: 

    • Construction 

    • History and Literature 

    • Violin playing and teaching

    • Violin virtuosos through the ages.

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    Amadeus Book of The Violin - Walter Kolneder

    Available for the first time in English, this book has been considered the best single encyclopedia of the violin for 20 years. 

    All aspects of the violin are covered: 

    • Construction 
    • History and Literature 
    • Violin playing and teaching
    • Violin virtuosos through the ages.

    From the Publisher:

    For the general music-lover and violinists, this extraordinary encyclopedic resource is considered the standard work on the violin. It deals with every aspect of the instrument in fashion: its construction and evolution, history, literature; violin playing, pedagogical philosophy; and violin virtuosos through the ages. This edition is the first English-language translation of Walter Kolneder's Das Buch der Violine, first published in 1972, and includes information on recent developments not available to the author.

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