A Cellist's Life Collin Hampton

    A Cellist's Life Collin Hampton


    Your guide to a bygone world of classical music and musicians.

    Colin Hampton:

    • Wise teacher

    • musical iconoclast

    • Nonpareil cellist of the illustrious Griller Quartet

    • Helped redefine contemporary chamber music standards

    • Founded one of America's first cello clubs 

    • Inspired generations of students

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    A Cellists Life Collin Hampton

    Colin Hampton, one of the 20th century's most distinguished cellists, is your guide to a bygone world of classical music and musicians. Wise teacher, musical iconoclast, and nonpareil cellist of the illustrious Griller Quartet, Hampton helped redefine contemporary chamber music standards, founded one of America's first cello clubs, and inspired generations of students. Through his witty, convivial, and candid narratives, you'll also encounter luminaries like Pablo Casals, Ernest Bloch, Igor Stravinsky, Arturo Toscanini, Bela Bartok, Yehudi Menuhin, and others as never before.

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