21st Century String Quartets

    21st Century String Quartets

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    Commonsense Instrument Care - James N McKean

    This guide is a must-have reference book to help all string-instrument owners care for their instruments and bows.

    • Basics

    • Insurance

    • The bow

    • Strings

    • Pegs

    • The bridge

    • The fingerboard

    • The soundpost

    • Open bouts

    • Buzzes

    • Repairs

    • Retouching

    • Preventing accidents

    • General maintenance

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    Principles Of Violin Playing And Teaching By Ivan Galamian

    This classic book of technique introduces the Galamian system of violin playing.

    • Suitable for violin teachers and students of all ages and levels.

    • Introduces the Galamian system of violin playing.

    • Provides principles and philosophies for all facets of playing and practice. 

    • Galamian's philosophy, principles of teaching, and practice methods provide astonishing results.

    • Includes a postscript written by the late Professor Emeritus Elizabeth A. H. Green.

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    Possum's Practice Planner

    Teachers, students, and parents can quickly and easily record, track and share practice plans, schedules, and homework.

    • Quickly and easily record, track, and share practice plans, schedules, and homework

    • Each double page includes fields for various important records for Date, Practice, Technical Work, Repertoire Work, and Extra Lists.

    • It also has fields for Students’ Choice, Teachers' Comments, Music to Buy, and Next Lesson requirements

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    Why Handel Waggled His Wig Written By Steven Isserlis

    In Why Handel Waggled his Wig, renowned cellist Steven Isserlis set out to pass on to children a wonderful gift given to him by his cello teacher - the chance to people his world with the great composers by getting to know them as friends.

    • An attractive and accessible read for children

    • Catch the imagination of children encountering classical music for the first time

    • Packed with facts, dates, and anecdotes

    • Lively black-and-white line illustrations

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    New Penguin Dictionary of Music (Paul Griffiths)

    The New Penguin Dictionary of Music is the essential A-Z of some 1,000 years of Western music. 

    • A pleasurable read

    • An invaluable and authoritative reference book for all music lovers

    • Explores in detail the lives and achievements of a huge range of composers

    • Examines such key topics as music history, performers, theory, and jargon.

    • Written by an award-winning music critic and blending scholarship with personal insight and opinion

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    Art & Science Of String Performance (Samuel Applebaum)

    Dr. Samuel Applebaum addresses the most frequently asked questions, ranging from basic to the most advanced.


    • The Basic Principles of String Playing

    • The Science of Scale Playing

    • The Study of the Positions

    • Developing a Good Intonation

    • Some General Principles of Fingerings

    • …and many more

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