Aubert French Cello Bridge- French Style (Unfitted And Uncarved)

Aubert French Cello Bridge- French Style (Unfitted And Uncarved)


Bridge design affects cello response to bow. Aubert French-style cello bridge is made from selected maple for optimal vibrational behaviour. A heavier bridge design yields a darker sound, slower response, and more bowing resistance but allows greater flexibility in shaping and colouring sound.

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Aubert French Cello Bridge- French Style (Unfitted And Uncarved)

The choice of bridge design also affects the cello's response to the bow. This Aubert French-style cello Bridge is made from the finest selected maple wood, ensuring even and dense grain with matured and highly figured wood, resulting in the optimal vibrational behaviour of a normal heart. A physically heavier design results in a darker sound, with a slower response and more bowing resistance, but it also allows for greater flexibility in shaping and colouration of the sound. 

The French bridge on a cello consists of legs for approximately half its height. Within this basic design, there is ample room for the luthier to pick slightly different shapes and thicknesses to regulate the tonal outcome. The French bridge is often the preferred option for cellos that require a bright sound with extra depth and interest. 

Switching bridge designs may require some adjustment, especially for long-time cellists. However, it can be a liberating experience for the player.

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