Pirastro Obligato Rosin

    Pirastro Obligato Rosin


    Pirastro offers rosins with different qualities that impact an instrument's bowing technique and sound colour immensely.

    • Forest honey colours

    • Mellow, rounded sound

    • For synthetic strings with low and medium tension

    • Extracted from pine trees

    • High-quality rosin for perfect bowing 

    • No scratchy sounds

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    Pirastro Obligato Rosin

    Forest honey colours. Mellow, rounded sound. Well suited for synthetic strings with low and medium tension.

    They are made from natural resin extracted from pine trees during fall. The pure resin is heated in a successive stage while oil and other materials are added. This liquid will then be poured into a mould to form the cake of rosin that musicians use for their bow hair. A specific procedure is carefully done to create a particular quality of rosin. 

    Pirastro offers rosins with different qualities that impact an instrument's bowing technique and sound colour immensely. High-quality rosin allows for perfect bowing without scratchy sounds, mainly if only a thin layer of rosin is applied. For the musician, it is thus essential to carefully choose a rosin that helps him to have an ideal grip on the bow while playing the strings.


    Each rosin cake is glued onto a soft cloth and then attached to a hard plastic grip. This prevents the fingers of the musician from getting exposed to rosin dust and makes it easier to apply the rosin.

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    Geipel Anti-Allergenic Violin Rosin

    Geipel Violin Rosin is ideal for allergy sufferers. Made of the finest ingredients, it is a very low-dusting, hypoallergenic rosin.

    • Low dusting, Anti-allergic rosin blend

    • Premium light Rosin

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    • Stable plastic box 

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    Eco Rosin for Violin by Leatherwood

    EcoRosin is a new line of premium rosins, proudly innovated, designed and created in Australia by Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.

    • Plant-based resins, organic oils and waxes

    • 100% Hemp Dew-retted fabric wrap (Violin Viola & Cello)

    • SCS-certified recycled container to protect your rosin

    • Biodegradable ingredients and materials

    • Vegan

    • Estimated carbon emissions offset

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    Kaplan Artcraft Light/Dark Rosin

    This Kaplan Artcraft Rosin is packaged in a reusable soft flannel pouch. Light and Dark rosin options are available.

    • Dark/light rosin

    • Packaged in a Flannel pouch

    • Low dust

    • Formulated using the original Kaplan recipe handed down from Ladislav Kaplan

    All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.

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    Melos Baroque Light Rosin for Violin

    Melos Light baroque rosin was designed for Baroque violin bows and was made in Greece.

    • Purely Hand-made

    • Sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly and anti-pollution

    • High-Quality Rosin and Colophony

    • Premium Packaging - highly durable with excellent thermal insulation

    • Specially designed for every single instrument

    • All natural and chemical free

    • Flexible - can be combined with other cakes to achieve customized results

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    Paganini Violin Rosin in Green Plastic Case

    This Paganini Rosin is made in Germany by Walter Geilpel, and its composition is pure, using only pine resin.

    • Pitch for the violin bow

    • Light rosin

    • Encased in cork

    • Pine Resin Material

    • Brand: Walter Geilpel 

    • Manufactured in Germany

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    Hindersine Violin Junior Rosin 12V

    Based upon the core performance requirements found in the 1V and 3V rosins, the 12V Junior has been designed to fit into any violin case, be handled by anyone of any age, and survive any environment too. Just remove the lid, grip the sides gently and apply to the bow.


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    Leatherwood Violin Rosin Duo - Supple And Crisp

    Australian-made Leatherwood rosin is produced from a hand-distilled Australian pine resin blended with a range of international resins.

    • Two different rosin blends to choose Supple or Crisp blend to enhance the sound of your instrument precisely. 

    • Optimise your sound’s brightness, clarity, warmth and richness

    • Vary the strength of the initial attack on the string

    • Suits a variety of playing contexts or repertoire, like concerto solos, chamber music or orchestra

    • Bespoke rosin will generally last 2-5 years with intensive use.

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