Francois Lotte French Violin Bow with Certificate

    Francois Lotte French Violin Bow with Certificate


    François Lotte, a French luthier trained by Bazin and Cuniot-Hury, founded his business in Paris in 1926. He married Marguerite Ouchard, the sister of Émile Auguste Ouchard. Lotte's collection includes expertly crafted bows, some marked by the maker and others unmarked, with silver or nickel mounts.

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    Francois Lotte French Violin Bow with Certificate

    François Lotte (1889–1970) was a French archetier and maker of bows.

    François Lotte, son of the renowned luthier and violin maker Georges Lotte from the Vuillaume shop, underwent thorough training in the finest French tradition. He received his apprenticeship under Bazin and later worked with Eugène Cuniot-Hury from 1922 to 1925 before launching his business in Paris by 1926. He tied the knot with Marguerite Ouchard, the daughter of Émile François Ouchard and sister of Émile Auguste Ouchard, in 1919.

    The bows in his collection showcase masterful craftsmanship that exudes elegance and boasts superb playing and sound qualities. Some bows bear the unmistakable stamp of the shop or maker's name, while others remain unmarked. A diverse selection of bows, including those fashioned with silver or maillechort/nickel mounts, is available.

    In 1960, Roger François Lotte confidently assumed the responsibility of managing the family shop following the sudden demise of his father, François, in 1970.

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