The workshop here at Animato Strings is perfect for servicing and repairing your instruments. We have at most four luthiers in the workshop at a time. In over ten years we've had only positive feedback on the quality of our repairs.

Most basic services can be done on the spot while you wait, but some more complicated repairs - such as seams, broken necks, cracks, or loose fingerboards - will require the instrument to be left with us at least overnight, as as such repairs will usually need to be clamped while the glue dries.

Here is a partial list of the repairs and services we offer:

  • Adjusting, fitting, or carving a bridge
  • Adjusting, fitting, or cutting a soundpost
  • Repairing cracks
  • Regluing seams
  • Planing or replacing a fingerboard
  • Repairing neck fractures or breaks
  • Re-varnishing of instruments
  • Setting up instruments for playability
  • Fitting end pins for violin/viola
  • Fitting end pin plugs for cello/double bass
  • Fitting pegs
  • Fitting nuts, raising/lowering nuts, or adjusting the spacing of the grooves on a nut
  • Fitting tailpiece
  • Fitting new bass bar
  • Minimising wolf tones
  • Evaluations


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