Phoenix Performer Series Violin

Phoenix Performer Series Violin


Phoenix Performer Series Violin Features:

• Custom-made for Animato Strings

• Elegant Outline

• User-friendly

• Pick-up produces strong volume with clear and silky sound

• Comes in 5 different colors to match every player’s personality

• Less expensive with an impressive high-quality sound

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Phoenix Performer Series Violin

The Phoenix Performer Violin is custom-made for Animato Strings, Brisbane, Australia. Its outline is elegant and user-friendly, especially with the ability to use conventional shoulder rests such as Kun and Everest brands. The pickup is great and produces a strong volume with a clear, silky sound. It comes in 5 different colours to match every player’s personality. 

For many violin players, the Phoenix Performer Violin is their favourite choice as it is less expensive compared to other established brands but still impresses with high sound quality. 

Included in the price of this outfit:

  • A high-quality colour-coordinated fibreglass case (separately sold for $195)
  • A really good carbon fibre bow (separately sold for $199)
  • Rosin 

Colours Available: 

  • Blue with the Black outline
  • Red/Black
  • White/Black
  • Pink/Black
  • Purple/Black
  • Dark Green/Black
  • Black/Black 

The cases match the colour of the inner part of the violin (approximately). For example, the pink violin has a slightly darker pink than the pink of the case.

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Phoenix Performer Series

Phoenix Performer Series Features:

• Custom-made for Animato Strings

• Elegant and user-friendly

• Great pickup quality

• Produces a strong volume with a clear, silky sound

• Light and shaped budget outfit

• Bow and rosin are also included

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