Position Pieces For Cello Book 2 By Rick Mooney

Position Pieces For Cello Book 2 By Rick Mooney


"Position Pieces for Cello Book 2" is a beneficial resource for intermediate cello students. It helps them learn the fifth to seventh positions and understand finger patterns. The book provides practice in reading the tenor clef and includes fun cello duets. It is a must-have for intermediate-level cello learners.

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Position Pieces for Cello Book 2 by Rick Mooney 

"Position Pieces for Cello Book 2" is a valuable resource for intermediate-level cello students who want to learn the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions. This book aids students in finding the correct location for each position and comprehending the necessary finger patterns. It also provides ample practice for reading the tenor clef. The author, Mr. Mooney, has included cello duets in the book to make the learning process enjoyable and creative. The book features pieces such as "Surfing Cellos," "Jumping Flea," and "The Happy Certified Public Accountant," which are exciting to play. This book is an essential tool for intermediate-level cello students.

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