Developing Virtuosity Viola Book 2

Developing Virtuosity Viola Book 2


Book 2 builds on Book 1 skills. It covers advanced techniques, complex rhythms, bowing, left-hand finger patterns, and preparatory steps towards shifting. This book helps players achieve a more nuanced and polished sound.

• Use controlled bow strokes and dynamic contrasts.

• Try new rhythms and time signatures.

• Learn left-hand patterns, harmonics, and shifting.

• Use online audio to practice.

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Developing Virtuosity Viola Book 2

Building on the skills learned in Book 1, this volume takes the player on a journey towards more advanced techniques. It delves into complex rhythms, left-hand finger patterns, bowing techniques, and the crucial preparatory steps towards shifting. With this book, players can expect to take their playing skills to the next level and achieve a more nuanced and polished sound.

In Book 2, students will learn:

  • Long and controlled bow strokes, slurred legato and staccato bow strokes, string-crossing slurs, and producing dynamic contrasts.
  • New rhythmic patterns, including dotted notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, swinging eighth notes, and syncopated rhythms.
  • New time signatures, including 6/8 and 3/8, and cut time for cello/bass.
  • Major and minor left-hand string patterns, extended fingerings, beginning octave harmonics, and shifting.
  • Online audio is available to help students practice and improve their skills.

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Developing Virtuosity Viola Book 3

The third volume of this music book is for advanced students. It includes longer and more challenging pieces with instrument-specific selections. It emphasizes advanced bowing techniques, complex pieces with multiple meters, and reinforcing shifting skills.

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• Challenging accidentals for left-hand intonation.

• Complex time signatures and rhythmic patterns.

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Volume 1 teaches basic notation, open strings, rhythms, and bowing techniques. It gradually introduces new notes and skills to reinforce left- and right-hand techniques and develop cognitive abilities for string performance.

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• Essential rhythmic notation from whole notes to eighth-note patterns.

• Left-hand techniques such as double stops, left-hand pizzicato, and differentiating whole and half steps.

• A variety of bow techniques.

• Audio recordings available online to assist with practice and learning.

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