Pieces de Concours Volume 2 for Viola/Piano

Pieces de Concours Volume 2 for Viola/Piano


The second and third volumes of the popular Pièces des concours series, featuring music from the scarce Romantic viola literature, have been released. The first volume was performed in final examinations at the Conservatoire de Paris between 1897 and 1969. The new publication is based on the first edition and has been made easier to play by adding modern fingerings and standard bowing instructions. This means that the pieces can now be played without prior practice.

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Pieces de Concours Volume 2 for Viola/Piano 

The Pieces de Concours for Viola and Piano is an invaluable three-volume collection of Romantic Viola music that music enthusiasts will delight in. These pieces are considered rare and precious, given that the Conservatoire de Paris still requires all instrumentalists to perform a contemporary piece, referred to as the 'piece de Concours', during their final exams. Interestingly, these pieces were first introduced in 1896 when the viola class was established at the Conservatoire de Paris.

Although many of these viola pieces have been forgotten, George Enescu's Konzertstuck (1908) and Hans Sitt's Concerto in G-Dur (1899) have become standard in the viola repertoire. The Pieces de Concours is a must-have for any violist, especially those who want to explore the rich history of Romantic Viola music.

This edition of the Pieces de Concours includes modern fingerings and bowing indications, making it easier for musicians to access and sight-read these works. With this edition, musicians can easily immerse themselves in the beauty of these pieces without getting bogged down by difficult technicalities.

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