Kreutzer 42 Studies/Etudes For Violin (Peters)

Kreutzer 42 Studies/Etudes For Violin (Peters)


Rodolphe Kreutzer was an important composer and violinist during his time. He is best known for his collection of 42 Studies, also known as etudes or caprices. These studies have become a staple in the repertoire of violin students, as they are essential for advancing their skills. The C.F. Peters edition of Kreutzer’s 42 Studies, edited by Friedrich Hermann, includes a brief biography of the composer.

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Kreutzer 42 Studies/Etudes For Violin (Peters)

Kreutzer Etudes (Edition Peters) Kreutzers 42 Etudes or Caprices Edited by Friedrich Herman. These studies are highly valued as indispensable studies for the development of advanced violin techniques.

Rodolphe Kreutzer was born in Versailles. He learned to play the violin from his father, a violinist at the Royal Chapel, and later from Anton Stamitz. In 1795, Kreutzer became a violin teacher at the Paris Conservatory and held this position for thirty years. He also served as the principal violinist at the Paris Opéra from 1801. Kreutzer is known for his contributions to the French School of violin playing and his educational materials.

As an aspiring violinist, one of the essential books in your library is the classic Edition Peters volume of Kreutzer’s 42 Etudes of Caprices. This book, edited by Friedrich Hermann, is designed for practical musicians. It is beautifully bound and printed on cream paper, with optimal weight, opacity, and grain direction for music publications.

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