Lawrance, Easy Winners: Viola

Lawrance, Easy Winners: Viola

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A collection of 59 well known pieces from a wide variety of styles for players of all ages, to dip into & enjoy. Arranged for viola by Peter Lawrance the pieces include - Shepherd's Hey, Botany Bay, British Grenadiers, Popeye, Thunderbirds, Sailing, Annie's Song, Cabaret, Jerusalem, Rule Britannia, Pavane, Air on the G String, Mary's Boy Child, Coventry Carol, & many more.

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Pieces de Concours Volume 1 for Viola/Piano

The Pièces de Concours is a rare collection of three viola and piano volumes containing the Romantic viola repertoire. At the Paris Conservatoire, all instrumentalists must perform a contemporary piece, known as the 'pièce de concours,' to demonstrate their mastery of technical, virtuosic, and lyrical skills. Unfortunately, many of these exam pieces have been forgotten, and only two of them, George Enescu's Konzertstück and Hans Sitt's Concerto in G-Dur, have become standard repertoire for the viola. To make these works more accessible, this edition has added modern fingerings and bowing indications.

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Pieces de Concours Volume 3 for Viola/Piano

The Pieces de Concours for Viola and Piano, a three-volume edition, is a valuable collection in the rare Viola repertoire of the Romantic era. Even today, the Conservatoire de Paris requires all instrumentalists to perform a contemporary piece, the 'piece de Concours', during their final examination. These pieces, which date back to 1896, were designed to highlight the technical, virtuosic and lyrical skills of the new 'masters'. Although many of these pieces have been forgotten, George Enescu's Konzertstuck (1908) and Hans Sitt's Concerto in G-Dur (1899) have become part of the standard viola repertoire. The present edition has modern fingerings and bowing indications added to the pieces to make them more accessible and facilitate sight-reading.

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