Campagnoli, Seven Divertimenti For Violin (Mayhew)

Campagnoli, Seven Divertimenti For Violin (Mayhew)

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Campagnoli, Seven Divertimenti for Violin Opus 18 (Mayhew)

Edited by Yfrah Neaman

Campagnoli's intention in writing these divertimenti was to help the violinist achieve complete mastery of each of the seven principle positions.  It is therefore important to play each Divertimento in one position only throughout.  These advanced studies are invaluable to allow the violinist to learn how to think in position and find their way around the fingerboard.

These are beautiful studies which can be enjoyed as much for their music as the technical advancement provided

Angele Dubeau plays the Scherzo from Divertimenti No. 7


First position

Allegro moderato

Siciliana: Andante

Minuetto, Trio

Capriccio: Largo, Allegro, Maggiore

Second Position

Allegro spiritoso

Poco adagio

Polonese, Trio

Rondò: Allegretto, Minore

Third position

Larghetto, Allegro

Romanza: Largo

Allemanda, Trio

Finale: Presto

Fourth position


Bolero, Trio

Finale: Allegro moderato

Fifth position

Allegro maestoso

Larghetto, Marcia, Trio


Sixth position

Allegro moderato

Andante sostenuto

Scherzo, Trio

Finale: Allegro

Seventh position


Aria del piccolo marinaio: Allegretto, Variazione

Scherzo: Allegro, Trio

Finale: Allegro


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