Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik For String Quartet (Peters)

    Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik For String Quartet (Peters)

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    Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for String Quartet (Peters)...

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    The Grand Royale For String Orchestra By Michael Patterson (Gr4-6)

    “The Grand Royale” by Michael Patterson is a stunning modern classical string ensemble composition created in 2009. It showcases the intricate interplay between the violin I, II, and III, viola, cello, and double bass, and is moderately difficult, making it a great choice for grades 4-6 students. The five-minute runtime mesmerizes and captivates, exemplifying the beauty and depth of classical music. Michael is a highly skilled Brisbane-based musician, performer, conductor, teacher, and composer who has gained diverse musical experiences throughout his career.

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