Kummer, Six Duos For Cello Op. 156 Volume I (Nos. 1-3) (IMC)

Kummer, Six Duos For Cello Op. 156 Volume I (Nos. 1-3) (IMC)

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Kummer, Six duos for cello op. 156 Volume I (nos. 1-3) - IMC edition

Friedrich August Kummer (5 August 1797 – 22 August 1879), born in Germany is the town of Meiningen. He was a cellist and pedagogue along with being a composer. His family moved to Dresden when he was a child. Kummel's father was an oboist and he was invited by the court chapel of Dresden.

Friedrich Kummer initially learned the oboe but he became interested in the cello and went on to study cello with Friedrich Dotzeuer and Bernhard Romberg who were well know cellists of the time. In 1814 he became an oboist for the Dresden chapel as there was not a vacancy for a cellist.

During the same year Carl Maria von Weber appointed Kummer as a cellist at the Royal Opera House.

Kummer became an reknowned performer and in 1850 he became the principal violoncellist at the court chapel following the retirement of Dotzauer. Kummer himself retired in 1864.

In 1839 Kummer wrote a method,Violoncelloschule für den ersten Unterricht (Violoncello School for Preliminary Instruction), Op. 60, for the violoncello that continues to be popular.

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