Rubber For Spike - 5mm Diameter Hole

Rubber For Spike - 5mm Diameter Hole


• Rubber tip for Cello end-pin

• Designed to protect carpet and floorboards

• Suitable for a 5mm spike

• It helps with slipping.

• Prevents end pin dulling.

• Colour: black

• Inner hole diameter: 5mm

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This rubber tip is designed for the end-pin assembly of a cello. It measures 5mm and is compatible with most smaller gauge spikes cellos.

  • Rubber tip for Cello end-pin
  • Designed to protect carpet and floorboards
  • Suitable for a 5mm spike
  • It helps with slipping.
  • Prevents end pin dulling.
  • Colour: black
  • Inner hole diameter: 5mm

To guarantee the availability of cello end pins, visit our workshop and check out our selection. Please be aware that not all end-pins are the same.

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