Wire Cello End Pin Holder

Wire Cello End Pin Holder


This wooden endpin stopper comes with a block of wood that has preset positions, perfect for use with a chair. It is made in a traditional style.

• Wooden block with wire retainers for easy attachment to chair legs.

• Secures cello endpin

• Prevents end-pin dulling

• Five end pin positions

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Wire Cello End Pin Holder

This endpin stopper is made of traditional wood and has a wooden block with preset positions, designed for use with a chair and a cello. It consists of two wire retainers attached to the chair's front legs and a square wooden piece that holds the cello endpin. The block has five different positions for end pins. The distance between the cello end and the chair can be adjusted by placing the stopper in one of the five holes. 

  • Wooden block with wire retainers for easy attachment to chair legs.
  • Secures cello endpin
  • Prevents end-pin dulling
  • Five end pin positions

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Wooden Endpin Stopper

The cello stand has a wooden base reinforced with a non-slip cloth to prevent slipping and floor damage while practising or performing. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move and store.

• Durable wood base material

• Adjustable back strap

• Non-slippery cloth underneath enhances floor friction 

• Special small size and lightweight design

• Easy to carry and use

• Stylish rectangle shape with nice paint and fine craftsmanship

How to use:

Position the leg of your chair over the large holes to anchor the end pin stopper. Then there are four cups where the end pin can rest. The black strap is adjustable.

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Artino SP-3 Cello Resonance Pin Stopper

This cello spike rest is ideal for keeping your cello spikes steady during practice or performances. Its stable base prevents slippage and protects your floor from damage.

• For Cello

• An effective endpin rest and a sound enhancer in one

• Prevents damage to floors

• Highly gripping rubber pad holds it in place

• Tough metal material that will last for years of use

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Black Hole Dycem Non-Slip Cello Mat - Made In England

The Dycem non-slip cello mat is a truly must-have accessory for any cellist!

• Maximise the potential of your cello while safeguarding your surfaces using Dycem’s exceptional non-slip cello mat!

• Developed for cellist

• A uniquely designed cello-mat, utilising Dycem’s patented non-slip technology keeping your cello safe and secure. 

• It effectively works on various surfaces, including marble and parquet!

• Small and compact, the cello mat is sleek, stylish and portable.

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Wolf Super Endpin Stop For Cello Or Bass

The endpin balls made by Wolf Music Products are outstanding and work exceptionally well on all surfaces.

• Easy to put on and take off.

• Small and compact design, making it effortless to store.

• Can hold at any angle

• Allows moving freely while playing

• Aesthetically pleasing

• It fits all endpins up to 10mm 

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Rubber For Spike - 5mm Diameter Hole

• Rubber tip for Cello end-pin

• Designed to protect carpet and floorboards

• Suitable for a 5mm spike

• It helps with slipping.

• Prevents end pin dulling.

• Colour: black

• Inner hole diameter: 5mm

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Slip Stop Cello/Bass Endpin Rest- Pink

Slip Stop cello and bass endpin rest are made of durable metal with a powder-coated finish. It is sturdy, reliable, and designed to prevent slipping.

• For Cello

• Green

• Easy to find cup

• Non-slip sponge rubber bottom

• The ORIGINAL Slipstop Cello Endpin Rest by RDM - not an imitation!

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Vivacello Endpin Stopper - Blue

VIVACELLO cello end-pin rests a patented, three-point design that ensures superior traction and resists slippage more effectively, especially on uneven surfaces.

• Heavy-duty metal cup

• Replaceable rubber feet 

• Patented three-point design ensuring superior maximum grip.

• Crafted from durable polycarbonate tough plastic

• The spike holder section consists of a hardened insert.

• Color: Blue

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Cello Spike Holder-Rock Stop With Brass Hole

The cello rest is crafted using top-grade brass and rubber components, guaranteeing dependable and long-lasting performance.

• Quality Material

• Nice Anti Slip Performance

• Convenient to Carry

• Wide range of Applications

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