Carlo Giordano Electric Violin Outfit

Carlo Giordano Electric Violin Outfit


This is a Carlo Giordano Electric Violin Outfit. Carlo Giordano Electric Violins have been around for many years with no warranty claims and complaints. Truly a good value for money. Available in red, purple, natural, blue and black with full set up.

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Carlo Giordano Electric Violin Outfit

These Carlo Giordano are hand crafted electric violins with attractive finishes, They are fitted with an active Preamp systems with Bass, Treble & Volume controls. The body has inlaid purfling, ebony parts and tailpieces with integrated fine tuners. In the case you will also find Rosin & Headphones and a 9 volt battery.

Carlo Giordano Electric Violins have been around for a while - some years - and we have had not a single complaint or warranty claim. They are really good value for money. Available colors are red, purple, natural, blue and black. They are fully set up in our workshop.

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• Precision tuning hardware is the NS Design patented tuning system, which is remarkably precise and stable.

Coupon Code:  SAVE10 Use the code at the end of the check-out procedure. This will reduce the amount by 10%.

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