Hagen Weise Violin Germany Guarneri Model

    Hagen Weise Violin Germany Guarneri Model


    This Hagen Weise Violin is a Guarneri model made in Germany. The images show various features of the Guarneri pattern as well as the remarkable craftmanship of Hagen Weise.

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    Hagen Weise Violin 2019 Germany. Guarneri Model.

    Hagen Weise is a luthier born in Dresden. He started his apprenticeship in the late 1980s at Musima in East Germany. He was creating classical guitars ranging up to four hundred guitars per day. After that, Weise joined Roderisch Paesold Company in Bubenreuth, Germany in 1991 and switched to making violins. In 2004 Weise completed his Master's in violin making. Then he collaborated with a colleague who worked at Höfner Klaus Clement to start their own workshop. Since 2004 Hagen Weise dedicated himself to making fine violins and other instruments in his shop, producing 150 to 200 violins per day. 

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