Cohen, Technique Takes Off for Cello

    Cohen, Technique Takes Off for Cello


    This collection offers fourteen original and imaginative pieces for solo cello players. It is designed to take players from an elementary level to the more advanced material of Dotzauer and Popper. Each piece focuses on one or two aspects of cello technique, covering many skills, including spiccato bowing, string crossing, moto perpetuo, cantabile, and easy double stopping. Teachers and students will find this collection both enjoyable and stimulating.

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    Technique takes off! by Mary Cohen

    This collection of fourteen pieces is a must-have for solo cello players of all levels. Each piece is artistically crafted and designed to take players from an elementary level to the highly advanced material of Dotzauer and Popper. The collection covers a wide range of left and right-hand techniques, including spiccato bowing, string crossing, moto perpetuo, cantabile, and easy double-stopping. Each piece focuses on one or two specific aspects of technique, allowing players to master each skill gradually and methodically. Teachers and students will find this collection invaluable, providing an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience.

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    Frost, String Techniques for Superior Musical Performance

    This book is a comprehensive guide for intermediate-level students to develop excellent left and right-hand techniques. It includes three sections covering technique, tone, tuning, major and minor keys, etudes, and bowing style. The book offers a variety of enjoyable repertoire and exercises, such as scales, chorales, and classical pieces, to keep students engaged and motivated. Its primary goal is to help students establish a strong foundation in technique, resulting in excellent musical performances and opening up a vast literature world. Whether you teach in a classroom or a private studio, this book is an ideal resource to enhance your students' skills.


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    Bazelaire La Technique Du Violoncelle ( Leduc Edition)

    Paul Bazelaire (1886-1958) was a French pianist and cellist who trained at the Paris Conservatoire. He was an experienced teacher and authored several publications. Bazelaire's Études transcendentales were virtuosic adaptations of Kummer's mid-nineteenth-century studies and reflected the advancements in cello technique during his time. Throughout his career, he composed over a hundred pieces, including some for solo piano.

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    Pat Legg & Alan Gout, Learning The Tenor Clef for Cello

    New resource available for cellists learning tenor clef. Introduces clef through pieces in all keys at Grade 4 level, with accompaniments.

    It covers techniques like moving to a higher register, playing the transitional part of the cello, and reading across strings.

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    Smith, Cello Sight Reading Book 1 (Oxford)

    Book 1 is an excellent resource for cello players who want to improve their sight-reading skills. It includes 50 graded melodies, ranging from grades 1 to 5. Each exercise helps build sight-reading skills and confidence. The book also offers tips to improve technique, making it a comprehensive resource for all cello players.

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    Ten American Cello Etudes By Aaron Minsky

    Ten American Cello Études is a collection of 24 pieces by Aaron Minsky, published in 1988. They help cellists learn jazz, blues, and folk. Each piece evokes an American location, perfect for recitals. The études improve technical skills while exploring modern American music. This collection is a must-have for cellists of all levels.

    • Unique and entertaining musical pieces 

    • Contemporary styles, including Latin, rock and roll, blues, and more 

    • Depictions of American places, activities, and moods 

    • Technical challenges such as harmonics, left-hand pizzicato, and double-stopping 

    • Useful fingering and bowing suggestions

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    Superstudies Book 2 For Cello

    "Superstudies Cello Book 2" is a compilation of 15 original and imaginative studies for solo cello, specially designed for young players between Grades 3-5. The book includes progressive technical points that go hand-in-hand with musical development. The studies cover a range of keys, modes, rhythmic patterns and styles (including jazz) while encouraging self-expression. The descriptive titles of each study are intended to help the cellist play in a style suitable to each survey. Both teachers and pupils will find this enjoyable yet informative collection to be a valuable resource.

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    Dotzauer - 113 Exercises for Cello Book 3 ( No 63- 85) EMB

    Dotzauer was a skilled musician who composed operas, symphonies, overtures, mass, concertos, and chamber music. However, his educational compositions have proved to be of lasting value. At the end of the 19th century, there was an idea to compile and publish a selection of his educational life work that met the demands of the time. Several publications of this kind were made, but the work by Johannes Klingenberg has turned out to be the most successful.

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    Mooney Double Stops For Cello (Alfred)

    Rick Mooney's latest book uses double stops to provide excellent learning material for young and advancing cellists. With over 60 familiar folk songs, many of which are in the Suzuki repertoire, this book helps students develop skills such as hearing intonation, shaping the hand correctly, shifting, extensions, and preparing for future repertoire.

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