Sharp, The Dancing Peppers For String Orchestra

Sharp, The Dancing Peppers For String Orchestra


The Dancing Peppers is a charming and light-hearted piece featuring repeated figures reminiscent of a familiar Mexican theme. The work is fun to play, yet teachers will find it packed with wonderful elementary string teaching points that help encourage both left- and right-hand technical development and refinement. 

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The Dancing Peppers – OLÉ! for String Orchestra by Keith Sharp

"The Dancing Peppers" is a delightful and cheerful piece of music featuring repetitive patterns reminiscent of a famous Mexican theme. This composition is enjoyable to play and offers an excellent opportunity for string music teachers to teach their students various elementary techniques that can help develop and refine their left- and right-hand technical skills.

The piece's middle section contrasts with the rest and modulates to G major. It allows students to explore techniques such as detaché and staccato strokes, pizzicato, and scalic figures. The musical parts are well-balanced, ensuring that all ensemble sections participate enthusiastically. Additionally, the piece comes with an optional piano accompaniment.

  • The folio contains Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-5-2), Conductor's score, Piano accompaniment (Optional/ rehearsal)
  • The title is from an image of a folio cover on the publisher's website.
  • Grade: 3.
  • Key: A minor.
  • Duration: 2:10 (approx)
  • Includes biographical information on the composer.

Keith Sharp earned a Bachelor of Music degree in 1984. He's been a string educator in Brisbane since then, creating award-winning programs and compositions. His works are popular in Australia and internationally. Keith is also a clinician, guest conductor, and guest lecturer.

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