Jarvela, First Concert (Grade 0.5-1)

Jarvela, First Concert (Grade 0.5-1)


Level 0.5-1 is a beginner piano set. It includes two Russian-style pieces with a solo violinist. There are two versions of Harmonic Rock. "Where the Wind Blows" is a D-grade primary school piece for second-year learners with expressive left-hand techniques.

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First Concert for String Orchestra by Timothy Jarvela

Level 0.5-1 is a collection of beginner pieces for piano learners. The piano part is essential to carry the early learners. There are two pieces in the Russian style - one with open strings and marching steps at B, while the piano shows off, followed by a solo violinist (could use advanced students or teacher). Harmonic Rock has two versions - open G and with G harmonics. Students can then move to the tricky version of learning left-hand movement from open G to harmonic G to fingered G. "Where the Wind Blows" is a very expressive piece for learners in their second year. It involves left-hand pizzicato, legato arco, 1st/2nd me bars, and using C natural in the cello part (unison). It is a D Grade Primary School piece.

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Russian Fantasy is a captivating piece for advanced players that displays various musical moods. It requires skills like navigating through tempo changes, diverse stroke techniques, and expressing different emotions. Animato Strings is an excellent place to buy sheet music for this piece or any other composition. Their collection caters to different skill levels and instruments.

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