Jarvela, Royal Processional (Grade 2)

Jarvela, Royal Processional (Grade 2)


The Royal Processional for String Orchestra by Timothy Jarvela is a majestic and uplifting composition that exudes grandeur. The piece opens with a solemn introduction that leads to a triumphant main theme. The melody builds in intensity, displaying the composer's skilful orchestration, culminating in a powerful and thrilling finale. Overall, the Royal Processional is a masterful showcase of the beauty and power of string music.

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Royal Processional for String Orchestra, composed by Timothy Jarvela

The Royal Processional for String Orchestra, composed by Timothy Jarvela, is a majestic piece that exudes grandeur and regality. The composition opens with a solemn and stately introduction that leads to a triumphant and uplifting main theme. The use of string instruments in the piece creates a rich and warm sound that perfectly complements the majestic nature of the composition.

As the piece progresses, the melody builds in intensity and complexity, displaying the composer's skilful use of orchestration to create a sense of grandeur and majesty. The Royal Processional culminates in a powerful and thrilling finale that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. Overall, Timothy Jarvela's Royal Processional is a masterful composition showcasing string music's beauty and power.

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