Jarvela, Riverfiddle (Grade 3.5)

Jarvela, Riverfiddle (Grade 3.5)


Riverfiddle is an intermediate-level piece for string orchestra by Timo Jarvela. The lively melody, dynamic contrasts, and syncopated rhythms make it a fun and engaging addition to any performance.

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Riverfiddle for String Orchestra, composed by Timothy Jarvela

Riverfiddle is a delightful piece for string orchestra written by Timo Jarvela. A grade level of 3.5 is perfect for intermediate-level string players looking to expand their repertoire. The piece features a lively and upbeat tempo and a catchy melody that will indeed have audiences tapping their toes and humming.

Jarvela's use of dynamic contrasts and syncopated rhythms add interest and energy to the piece while still allowing for moments of softer, more reflective playing. Overall, Riverfiddle is a fun and engaging piece that will surely be a crowd-pleaser at any concert or performance.

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