Mach One Viola Maple Shoulder Rest with 'Hook'

    Mach One Viola Maple Shoulder Rest with 'Hook'


    Fits a lower bout from 230 to 262 mm.

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    KUN Bravo Maple Shoulder Rest Viola

    Kun developed the Bravo shoulder rest to meet customer demand for a wooden rest from Kun. 

    • Base made from bent hardwood laminate

    • Oriented to provide the precise combination of strength and flexibility

    • Made from European curly maple reflecting the back of a fine violin.

    • It has an elegant metal adjusting mechanism

    • Kun’s patented locking device on feet to limit rotation.

    • Highest quality sponge rubber, the latest in polymer technology

    • Ensures extra grip, greater comfort and maximum durability

    • Folding ends on the Bravo Collapsible model make it easy to store.

    • Hand-made in Italy

    $200.00 Price

    Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rest for Viola

    PIRASTRO KorflerRest® – Features and advantages

    • The world’s lightest shoulder rest (Viola model 40 grams)

    • First shoulder rest using bendable tonewood adjustable to the shape of the shoulder

    • Offers extensive and very precise personal modifications of position, height and tilt

    • It brings out a much wider dynamic range from the instrument

    • Allows a richer diversity in articulation

    • Finer variations in string contact can be felt

    • Minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics

    • Designed to complement the timeless beauty of the violin

    • Now comes with the ErgoPack, which allows even more adjustments

    • Optimized rubber feet provide exceptional security with an unmatched adhesive grip

    • Improved rubber pads increase comfort and durability (4 replacement pads included)

    $592.09Regular price $779.09 Price

    Kun Replacement Foot - Short Length

    The Kun shoulder rest replacement fork member (Kun feet) can be used to replace old and perished fork members.

    • Replacement for old and perished fork members

    • For short-length forks

    • Ensures players' comfort with long necks

    • Provide a solid grip on the instrument

    • Over-moulded with the latest elastomer technology

    $14.50 Price

    Bon Musica Viola Shoulder Rest

    Designed and made in Germany, the Bonmusica shoulder rest is uniquely made from strong but flexible steel.

    • Adjustable in height, tilt, and position over the shoulder 

    • Adjustable length of the hook

    • Adequately custom-fit each player without gaps

    • Provides excellent stability and support

    • Versatile and progressive design for relaxed playing

    $123.64 Price

    Kun Original Shoulder Rest for Viola

    The Kun Original shoulder rest is based on the earliest handmade model and has remained the favourite of amateur and professional players. 

    • Practical, uncomplicated design

    • Simple adjusting mechanisms

    • Adjustable in three directions

    • The end members are fitted with a patented locking device

    $76.36 Price

    Kun Replacement Rubber Tube

    Please note:

    • A Kun shoulder rest has two feet, each needing two rubber replacement tubes.

    • So you need two to replace the rubber on one foot and four to replace all the rubber tubing.

    • One Single Tube is $3 each, and two tubes (for one foot) are 2*$3 = $6

    $2.91 Price

    FOM Wooden Viola Shoulder Rest (Please choose size)

    This stunning shoulder rest is meticulously crafted by hand from top-notch wood.

    • Exquisitely hand-crafted from high-quality wood with an ergonomic design

    • Collapsible Feet for Easy Storage in Viola Cases

    • Foam Padding for Maximum Comfort

    • Solid Wood Body for Warm Resonance

    If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 749 77, 07 3876 3877 or

    $54.50 Price

    Viva La Musica Diamond Shoulder Rest for Viola

    This ergonomically designed shoulder rest has been carved from a beautifully flamed Bosnian maple (the same wood as a violin back and ribs). 

    • It is very light in weight, and the height and length can be adjusted.

    • The metal end members are flexible, and the feet have rubber covers to protect your instrument. 

    • The feet have 360-degree lateral adjustment.

    • Minimized contact with the viola ensures a better sound.

    • Available in Dark or Light

    Designed and made by Viva La Music Augustin in Slovenia

    $90.00 Price


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