Bon Musica Replacement Foam Pad

    Bon Musica Replacement Foam Pad


    The foam padding is highly resistant to wear and is extremely comfortable. 

    • Highly resistant to wear

    • Extremely comfortable

    • Pliable to fit the contour of the player's shoulder

    • German-designed and German-made

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    Bon Musica Replacement Foam Pad

    The foam padding is highly resistant to wear and is extremely comfortable. This pad and its curved base can be easily manipulated to fit the contour of the player's shoulder, holding the instrument in place while promoting hands-free stability for easy shifting and vibrato. Left-handed players have no problem using it. It also aids players who suffer from previous injuries or arthritis, allowing the shoulder to remain relaxed while keeping the instrument at the proper height and angle rather than drooping forward. 

    All Bonmusica shoulder rests, and pads are German-designed and German-made.

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    • Portable

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    • For Viola and Violin

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    Everest Violin Shoulder Rest

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    • Ergonomically designed and patented collapsible shoulder rests

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    Maestro Shoulder Rest

    The MAESTRO violin shoulder rest can be a great product choice and the ultimate comfort for all musicians, from dedicated music instructors to beginning students.

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    • Lightweight plastic base

    • Convenient and seamless for easy storage

    • Enhanced and reliable support grips for easy usage

    •Accommodates 1/4-1/10 violin sizes alike

    • Streamlined and efficient ergonomic body arrangement for the perfect fit

    • Strong density foam pad for comfortable, strong, reliable fit

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    Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest

    The BonMusica Violin shoulder rest features a pliable metal base, allowing for a high degree of adjustment and a customizable fit. It is made in Germany.

    • Fits 4/4 Violin

    • Height and Width Adjustable

    • Padded Curved Adjustable Base for Precise Fit

    • Great For Players with Previous Injuries or Arthritis

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    AcoustaGrip Concert Performer Shoulder Rest

    AcoustaGrip's Acoustical materials form the shape of your shoulder, allowing a greater range of motion and incredible comfort. 

    • It has no clamps that mute the sound

    • Increases volume, adds quality with more overtones

    • Comfortable, ergonomically designed, and will not fall off.

    • It gives a secure hold, attaches repeatedly

    • Sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to varnish, edges or back

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