Gliga Vasile Superior 4/4 Violin with 1-Piece Back (Instrument Only)

    Gliga Vasile Superior 4/4 Violin with 1-Piece Back (Instrument Only)


    Item comes with a violin instrument only. Bow, case, rosin, and other accessories are sold separately. If you want this to be shipped, please purchase a case to safeguard the instrument. 

    Gliga Vasile Superior 4/4 Violin with 2-Piece Back (Instrument Only) is handcrafted in workshops directly supervised by Mr. Vasile Gliga.

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    Gliga Vasile Superior 4/4 Violin with 1-Piece Back (Instrument Only)

    Handcrafted in workshops directly supervised by Mr. Vasile Gliga. Highly flamed and naturally, aged sycamore maple is employed for the back, neck, and ribs. Close-grained Carpathian resonance spruce top. The outline of the instrument's body is deepened and the plates are precisely graduated. Special attention has been given to the deeply etched and well-highlighted scroll

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    Setup & Warranty:

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