German Violin c 1870

    German Violin c 1870


    This violin is a Nicola Amati copy made in Germany dated around 1870. Nicola Amati was a master luthier born in a family of luthiers who was considered the most famous luthier in their clan.

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    German Violin c 1870

    This violin is a copy of Nicola Amati's violin made in Germany dated 1870. Nicola Amati was a master luthier born on September 3, 1596, in Cremona Italy. He came from a family of luthiers but was considered the most famous luthier in their clan. Amati taught in the illustrious Cremonese School luthiers in whom Andrea Guarneri and Giovanni Battista Rogeri became his students. It was also said that he mentored Jacob Stainer, Francesco Rugeri, and Antonio Stradivari.

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