Leo Sir Violin France 1912

    Leo Sir Violin France 1912


    This is the Leo Sir Violin made in France dated 1912 with the label and signature of Leo Sir. Leo Sir is a French instrument maker who is famous for his “Sir” dixtour invention.

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    Leo Sir (1883-1915)

    Leo Sir (1883-1915) is a French instrument maker who is famous for his “Sir” dixtour invention. “Sir” dixtour is a group of six instruments including the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. It was a group of six because each instrument size is doubled to form a double quintet.

    Leo Sir’s work began at the start of the 20th century, creating various instruments including his first complete dixtour in 1908. His work became popular in 1914 as his “Leo Sir Dixtour” or double string quintet trademark comprising the existing quartet and his “Leo Sir” sextet was placed at Rennes. However, Leo Sir died at a young age in 1915 because of nephritis. His work was promoted continually by his father Leon Sir (1855-1927) who is also a violin maker. 

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