Piatti, 12 Caprices For Cello (Peters)

    Piatti, 12 Caprices For Cello (Peters)


    Piatti's "12 Caprices" are valuable for learning advanced techniques and musically interesting. As a result, they are one of the only compositions of Piatti's that remain in the cello repertoire. Stutschewsky has edited the caprices for solo cello, which are available in Peters Edition. They are considered to be of ASTA Grade 5 difficulty.

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    Piatti, 12 Caprices for Cello (Peters)

    Piatti's "12 Caprices" are highly regarded for their dual purpose of being excellent resources for advanced technique development and musically intriguing pieces. These caprices are among the few works by Piatti that still hold a prominent place in the cello repertoire. The solo cello edition of the caprices has been edited by Stutschewsky and is published by Peters Edition. The difficulty level of the caprices is rated at ASTA Grade 5, making them a challenging yet rewarding addition to any cellist's repertoire.

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