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Music For Viola Edition Music Budapest

Music For Viola Edition Music Budapest

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Music For Viola Edition Music Budapest

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Pieces de Concours Volume 2 for Viola/Piano

The second and third volumes of the popular Pièces des concours series, featuring music from the scarce Romantic viola literature, have been released. The first volume was performed in final examinations at the Conservatoire de Paris between 1897 and 1969. The new publication is based on the first edition and has been made easier to play by adding modern fingerings and standard bowing instructions. This means that the pieces can now be played without prior practice.

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Colledge, Shooting Stars For Viola And Piano

Shooting Stars features 21 pieces for viola and piano, introducing new rhythms and compound time, along with varied bowing and using 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finger notes.


Alla marcia, by candlelight, carefree, Chinatown, coconuts and mangoes, Cossacks, five-a-side, head in the clouds, look lively!, Miles Away, Morris dancers, Moto perpetuo, rustic dance, Stiffkey blues, tarantella, the carol singers, the misty isle, the old oak tree, thingummyjig!, where the heather grows, winter wind.

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