Citadel By Stephen Chin (Grade 2.5)

    Citadel By Stephen Chin (Grade 2.5)


    Citadels, or walled fortresses, were built for centuries to defend civilizations from invaders. This music explores the imagery of a strong, passionate, and fiercely protective community. The middle section creates an atmosphere of a still yet edgy night. The main theme eventually fades away as the invaders recede.

    For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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    Citadel By Stephen Chin (Grade 2.5)

    Throughout the ages, people have erected citadels, fortified walls enclosing their settlements to defend against would-be attackers. The scale of these fortifications varied greatly, with some, like the great citadel of Jerusalem, encompassing entire cities. The music piece at hand draws its emotive power from the interplay of pounding quavers, biting chords, and rhythmic inflexions, evoking the imagery of a resolute, passionate, and fiercely protective community. As the middle section unfurls, with its quietly bowed tremolos and ominous pizzicato, the listener is transported to a still yet electric night fraught with tension. The main theme then returns with even greater force and conviction, eventually fading as the invading forces retreat, defeated.

    For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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