The Armed Man Sees The Light By Stephen Chin

    The Armed Man Sees The Light By Stephen Chin


    Ideal for a festival orchestra with players at different levels, this piece is based on the medieval melody "L'Homme Arme", depicting a sword-wielding warrior. The middle section features a violin solo as a lullaby reflecting the armed man's war experiences. The final section celebrates the armed man walking in the light of peace and liberty with the South African song "Simbayama".

    For 4 string orchestras and untuned percussion - Grade 3.5, 2, 1.5 & 1

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    The Armed Man Sees The Light By Stephen Chin

    In this musical composition, festival orchestras consisting of musicians of varying levels of expertise can come together and showcase their talents. The piece is composed for four-string orchestras and un-tuned percussion and draws inspiration from the mediaeval tune "L'Homme Arme", which tells the tale of a warrior brandishing his sword. The middle section of the composition features a beautiful violin solo, where the warrior, now quiet and contemplative, reflects on his experiences on the battlefield. The final section is based on the South African song "Simbayama" and is a joyous celebration of the warrior walking towards peace and liberty, leaving behind the darkness of war.

    For 4 string orchestras and untuned percussion - Grade 3.5, 2, 1.5 & 1

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