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Coloured Wolf Secondo Shoulder Rest

The Wolf Secondo is a robust and dependable violin shoulder rest used by many violinists for years. 

• Rubber padded

• Ergonomically curved bar

• Height adjustable from 0.5cm to 8cm

• Sliding width adjustment on one end

• Available in 4/4, 3/4 and, 1/2, 1/4 sizes

• Height and pitch adjustable with screw-on swivelling legs

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Huber Shoulder Pads From England

• Huber Shoulder pad Non-Slip Pad Set

• Two foam rubber pads for individual adjustment

• With elastic mountings and user instructions

• Popular shoulder pad kit consisting of foam blocks that can be adjusted to individual preference.

• Specifically designed for children, the Huber Pad offers simple support in the early period before a proper shoulder rest is required.

$36.32 Price

AcoustaGrip Concert Performer Shoulder Rest

AcoustaGrip's Acoustical materials form the shape of your shoulder, allowing a greater range of motion and incredible comfort. 

• It has no clamps that mute the sound

• Increases volume, adds quality with more overtones

• Comfortable, ergonomically designed, and will not fall off.

• It gives a secure hold, attaches repeatedly

• Sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to varnish, edges or back

$39.95 Price

AcoustaGrip Concert Thick Shoulder Rest

The Concert Master Thick is ergonomically designed and sets the violin's position at the most favoured angle for sound projection and ease of performance.

• Highest comfort

• Improved sound

• No damage to the instrument

• Freedom of movement

• They give great support for holding your violin with ultimate comfort.

• No more sores, marks or shoulder pain!  

• The Acousta Grip series fits 4/4, 3/4 and partly 1/2-size violins.

$43.59 Price

Mach One, 3/4- 4/4 Size Violin With Hook

The Mach One wooden shoulder rests beautifully hand-carved out of one piece of solid maple. The Mach One Hook is even more ergonomic than the original Mach One.

• Beautifully hand-carved out of one-piece solid maple

• Ergonomically designed hook to fit naturally on shoulders 

• Stops the violin or viola from slipping down the chest

• Attaching feet are moulded from a single piece of nylon and will not damage your instrument

• Has the best quality nubuck leather pads

• 5.5 mm thick

$112.73 Price

Pirastro Korfker Violin Shoulder Rest

The PIRASTRO KorfkerCradle®, can give the player more freedom of sound and expression.

• The ultimate in sound and comfort

• Adjustable to each individual by bending

• Let your instrument sound freely

• Featherlight construction in the highest quality maple

• First shoulder rest using bendable tone wood adjustable to the shape of the shoulder

• Offers extensive and very precise personal adjustment of position, height and tilt

• It brings out a much wider dynamic range from the instrument

• Allows a broader diversity in articulation

• Finer variations in string contact can be felt

• Minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics

• Designed to complement the timeless beauty of the violin

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Wittner Shoulder Rest ISNY

Handcrafted from the finest grade-A ebony artistically designed for beauty and durability. This is for violins fitted with a Wittner Chin Rest. Please choose the other Wittner shoulder rest for conventional chin rests.

• Universal adjustment possibilities

• Central Mounting

• No loss of sound

• Dispersible in small parts

• Hypo-allergenic

• Ultra-light

• Ergonomic design

• Very flexible

• Adaption to the shoulder

• With a screwdriver included

$127.23 Price

Wittner Shoulder Rest ISNY for Barrel Fittings

The new Wittner INSY Shoulder Rest for Violin or Viola. This model fits traditional chin rest barrel fittings. Made in Germany.

• No loss of sound as the Shoulder Rest does not touch the bottom of the instrument

• Central Mounting

• Ultra-Light

• Hypoallergenic

• Ergonomic Design

• Made in Germany

Please choose the other Wittner shoulder rest to suit Wittner's chin rests.

$127.23 Price

Bon Musica Replacement Foam Pad

The foam padding is highly resistant to wear and is extremely comfortable. 

• Highly resistant to wear

• Extremely comfortable

• Pliable to fit the contour of the player's shoulder

• German-designed and German-made

$11.09 Price

Kun Solo Shoulder Rest for Violin

The Solo is the perfect shoulder rest for players with long necks and those who prefer a taller model.

• Sleek, contoured body and chic two-toned design

• Simplified, quick-adjust finger lever

• Greater width on the shoulder for added comfort

• A new collapsing mechanism for easy storage

• Enhanced grip on the shoulder

• Perfect for players with long necks

Available only in 4/4 size. Adjustable to fit on a 3/4 size violin.

$74.09 Price

Replacement Kun Adjustment Knob

• It is a replacement for the nut.

• This replacement part fits any Kun Original Shoulder Rest.

• No need to replace a whole shoulder rest for a broken or lost part. Just replace the part!

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