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Label Johann Baptist Schweitzer Violin 1844 Repaired by M Nebel New York c 1895

This violin is Labeled Johann Baptist Schweitzer 1844 Repaired by M Nebel New York c 1895. Johann Baptist Schweitzer was considered one of the finest violin makers in Vienna. He adopted a more classical approach to classical models, emulating Amati and Stradivari patterns with some authenticity. M. Nebel & Bros was established by the Nebel Brothers Martin, and Andrew Nebel who specialized in making and restoring violins.

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Ryszard Osowski Violin BRP with Certificate

Check out this Ryszard Osowski Violin Plus. Ryszard Osowski is a Polish luthier who was able to gradually perfect the sound and quality of his instruments. As a result, he concentrates more on building his own stringed instrument, passionately rearing towards crafting highly advanced violins.

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Maurice Bourguignon Violin 1927 Brussels

Introducing the Maurice Bourguignon Violin made in 1927 in Brussels. Maurice Bourguignon is a French luthier who received several awards, medals, and diplomas for his work in various exhibitions. He was known for his very refined work in classical models characterized by a good red varnish.

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