Violin Chin Rests

Animato Strings has a large range of chin rests to suit you and your violin.

It is vital for all players to purchase a chin rest optimum to their specific needs, depending on their physique.

If you feel uncomfortable with your current chin rest, just bring your instrument with the player (!) and your current chin rest to us and let our experts upgrade it to something more comfortable and pleasing to the jaw!

There are all different types of chin rests depending on preference and comfortability - there are several factors that go into choosing a chin rest, such as the material:

Order Your Violin Chin Rest from Animato Strings Australia!

1.Chin rests can be made out of Plastic, Ebony and Rosewood, Ebony being the most popular material.

2.Position: There are two positions for chin rests, centre position, and left position. Many musicians prefer a chin rest that supports the chin above the tail piece.

3.Shape: Chin rests have all sorts of shapes, the Teka shape being the most comfortable shape for most musicians. Regrettably, the Teka does not come with a new violin by default.


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