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Amedee Dieudonne Violin 1922

This French violin was made in 1922 by Amédée Dominique Dieudonné, who specialized in copying Cremona Masters and achieved a superior varnishing technique. He started his own workshop in Mirecourt after the First World War in the 1920s.

$9,000.00 Price

French Violin c. 1900 (F22)

French violin c. 1900 Features:

• Medium dark reddish brown varnish

• Yellow and black striped purfling both at the front and back

• A unique and remarkable drawing symbol at the upper center part of the back

$2,500.00 Price

Emile L'Humbert Violin Paris 1926

This violin was made by Emile L'Humbert in Paris in 1926. Emile L'Humbert is a French luthier (1872-1933) who became a pupil of Derazey and Mougenot and was a worker of Blanchard in Lyon.

$3,600.00 Price

Collin - Mezin Violin 1887 (F013)

Collin-Mezin Violin dated 1887. This as an unusual model for a Collin-Mezin violin, but the workmanship, the original label, and Collin-Mezin's authentic signature verify the maker.

$25,000.00 Price

Didier Nicolas Violin c.1780 Mirecourt, France

Check out this Didier Nicolas Violin made around 1780 in Mirecourt, France. Didier Nicolas is a French luthier who owns the workshop D. Nicolas Aine, one of the most successful violin companies in Mirecourt during the late 1700s and 1800s.

$9,000.00 Price

French Amati Violin Model Mirecourt c 1925

This is a French Amati Violin Model made in Mirecourt around 1925. Nicola Amati is an Italian master luthier who came from a family of violin makers and was then considered the most famous luthier in their clan.

$1,177.27 Price

French Violin c. 1880

This is a French-made Violin crafted around 1880. This is one of the Animato Strings' largest selections of new and old instruments in Australia including Asian-handcrafted instruments, new European instruments, and a wide range of antique stringed instruments such as this one.

$2,500.00 Price


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