Violin Made in Germany Mittenwald c 1920

    Violin Made in Germany Mittenwald c 1920


    Check out this Violin Made in Germany Mittenwald dated around 1920. This is one of Animato Strings' largest selections of new and old instruments in Australia including Asian-handcrafted instruments, new European instruments, and a wide range of antique stringed instruments.

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    Violin Made in Germany Mittenwald dated around 1920

    This is one of Animato Strings largest selection of new and old instruments in Australia, ranging from under $200 to 100k. Apart from Asian-handcrafted instruments, Animato Strings carries new European instruments as well as antique violins, violas, cellos, and double basses from France, Germany, England, and Italy. They also have Australian, U.S., and instruments from other countries. The onsite workshop is blessed with experts who restore, service, and set up instruments.

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    Ryszard Osowski, a Polish luthier, moved to Muggendorf, Germany, in 1993. While living with his uncle there, he learned the local tradition of crafting stringed instruments. After 25 years of experimentation, intensive study, collaboration with colleagues, and gradual improvement, Ryszard perfected the sound and quality of his instruments.

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    Violin Sold By A E Smith

    In the 1910s, Arthur Edward Smith (1880-1978) established a store in Sydney upon his return to Australia. Smith's workshop on Hunter Street quickly gained a reputation for repairing and selling high-quality stringed instruments. This violin was sold (not made by) AE Smith, Australia's most famous violin maker. 

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    Gaetano Pareschi Violin 1948 (I13)

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    Orfeo Carletti Violin 1932 (I14)

    We have here the Orfeo Carletti Violin made in 1932. Orfeo Carletti is an Italian violin maker who opened a workshop together with his father and brother in Bologna. 

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    Didier Nicolas Violin c.1780 Mirecourt, France

    Check out this Didier Nicolas Violin made around 1780 in Mirecourt, France. Didier Nicolas is a French luthier who owns the workshop D. Nicolas Aine, one of the most successful violin companies in Mirecourt during the late 1700s and 1800s.

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    Amedee Dieudonne Violin 1922

    This French violin was made in 1922 by Amédée Dominique Dieudonné, who specialized in copying Cremona Masters and achieved a superior varnishing technique. He started his own workshop in Mirecourt after the First World War in the 1920s.

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