Sharp, Forget Me Not Waltz For String Orchestra (Grade 3)

Sharp, Forget Me Not Waltz For String Orchestra (Grade 3)


This musical score offers a charming escape to old-time dancing during World War I, with lovely Mexican touches. Shared themes between sections, informed educational design and a manageable length make it perfect for ensembles. Duration: 2:50 in D major.

Keith has been teaching at Brisbane’s state schools since 1985. He composes imaginative pieces for string students, some of which have been published by The FJH Music Company and Alfreds. Keith has received multiple awards and recognition for his contributions to music education. He appears as a guest clinician, composer, teacher, and conductor at schools, music camps, and workshops. Additionally, Keith co-authors the beginner series Encore On Strings - Music Maestros.

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Forget Me Not Waltz for String Orchestra (Grade 3) by Keith Sharp

The memory of old-time dancing during World War I still lingers, where couples would waltz away from the grim realities of the day. This musical score offers a delightful escape with charming Mexican touches that will take you down memory lane. The themes are shared between sections, with the double bass section melody contrasting with the upper strings’ pizzicato theme. Ensemble directors will appreciate the elements of informed educational design, including the skillfully integrated lines, sharing of roles, careful choices of left-hand progression, balanced strokes, and a satisfying yet manageable length. The duration of the score is approximately 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and it is written in the key of D major.

Keith Sharp has been an educator of string instruments in The Gap, Brisbane, Australia’s regional state schools since 1985. In 2012, he started teaching at Brisbane State High School, focusing on learning ensembles and group lessons. Keith enjoys composing imaginative and appealing pieces for string students, many of which have been performed by young players worldwide. The FJH Music Company and Alfreds in the US have published some of his works. These educational ensemble pieces have consistently been highlighted as “Editor’s Choice” in the J.W. Pepper Orchestral Music Catalog.

Keith has a Bachelor of Music Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Further Education. He is a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow. In 2006 and 2013, Keith was recognized with a Ryan Recognition and Ashgrove electorate’s “Educator of the Year” award. These awards acknowledged his contribution to music education in the local community. Keith has served as a past President and committee member of AUSTA Queensland. He regularly appears at schools, music camps and workshops as a guest clinician, composer, teacher, and conductor. Keith also co-authors the popular beginner series Encore On Strings - Music Maestros.

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Keith Sharp is a music teacher who earned his Bachelor's degree in Music in 1984. He has been teaching as a string educator in Brisbane, Australia, for over 30 years. Keith completed a post-graduate diploma in education in 1995 and is active as a clinician, guest conductor, and guest lecturer. He has won awards for his string programs and compositions, which are popular worldwide.

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Keith Sharp is a string educator in Brisbane, Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Music degree in 1984 and a postgraduate diploma in education in 1995. Keith has produced award-winning string programs and compositions popular in Australia and internationally throughout his career. He also remains active as a clinician, guest conductor, and lecturer.

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