French Violin c 1920 (F17)

    French Violin c 1920 (F17)


    This is a French Violin made about 1920, an excellent Stradivarius copy. The images show a typical pattern of a Stradivari.

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    French Violin made about 1920

    This is a copy of Antonio Stradivarius's violin and was made in France. Antonio Stradivari is a renowned Italian violin maker who was said to have brought the craft of violin-making into its highest pitch of perfection. Antonio was born in Cremona, Duchy of Milan in 1644. He was a pupil of Nicolo Amati until he started making his own violin and putting his labels on it. Stradivari died in Cremona in 1737. His violin creations became one of the world’s most expensive violins.

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